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Barcelona de Indias: The Project
The project is a concept of homes within a lovely garden city, where green zones and trees predominate.  Included as well are sports areas, bicycle paths, physical training areas, and playgrounds for children and adults. 

Barcelona de Indias will be developed in stages and will cover an area of 241 hectares.  In the first stage, Gaudi will have 30h, Pedralbes 9h, Sarria 29h, Miro 12h, and the commercial plaza Las Ramblas 6h.

The homes within the project consist of six different types.
  • 135m2 house on a parcel of 600m2 on 1 level
  • 190m2 house on a parcel of 600m2 on 1 level
  • 220m2 house on a parcel of 600m2 on 2 levels
  • 260m2 house on a parcel of 900m2 on 2 levels
  • 320m2 house on a parcel of 1050m2 on 2 levels
  • 459m2 house on a parcel of 2000-3000m2 on 1 level

The designs of the houses include a plan for the construction of an optional swimming pool.

To be a part of the metropolitan area of the city of Cartagena, Barcelona de Indias will be governed by the Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial, and as such will be guaranteed the complete infrastructure of public services. 

This also includes the plans for the expansion of the metropolitan area of Cartagena in this zone.  Barcelona de Indias can develop other projects, for example, education services such as schools and universities that complement the profile of our clients.  All of this will be included without loosing the nearness of the beach and the lifestyle that people expect to find in Cartagena, which is only ten minutes away.

The ultimate innovation on offer from this project consists of the launching of urban parcels of600, 900, 1,200m2.  So long as the established city norms are followed, a home can be designed to meet individual tastes.

Project includes:
  • Sagrada Familia Church
  • Grand parks with playgrounds for children
  • Multiple courts for practicing sports
  • Channels for collecting rainwater
  • 80,000m2 of beautiful interior lakes and lagoons
  • Extensive bike and walking paths
  • Grand Avenue Paseo de Gracia
  • Commercial plaza, Las Ramblas

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